Career prospects

Digitalisation is transforming the way we live, think and interact. In particular, it has initiated profound structural changes in all areas of economic activity. New information and communication technologies (ICT) have not only facilitated product innovation, but have generated innovations in production processes throughout the global economy. Digitalisation has also brought about changes in working conditions and labour markets.

This process of transformation is providing great opportunities for university graduates who are seeking careers with the companies of the digital economy. There is an enormous demand for suitably qualified graduates in this field. With a DBIS qualification, you can play an important role in “new economy” enterprises, including major international ICT businesses, as well as start-up companies operating new digital business models. Moreover, firms in the “old economy” also need skilled personnel to support the process of digitalizing their production systems and transforming their business models.

Our international study program “Digital Business and Information Systems” (DBIS) offers a mix of multiple components to prepare you for your professional career in the digital economy: Business and IT, theory and practice, English and German, Berlin and Copenhagen. All of these elements are combined with the traditional advantages of the German state university system, namely: practical know-how, small classes and no tuition fees.

Study content

Our curriculum comprises business and technology elements in the fields of ICT and digital business. As a DBIS-student you will become familiar with business models and information systems relevant to the digital economy. The DBIS-program will teach you skills that you will need to design, develop and implement successful business models for the digital economy and the information and communication systems necessary to implement such models efficiently. You will learn how to analyse management problems and solve them by applying the appropriate hardware and software tools.

The international character of the study program will enable you to work in international teams. The language of instruction will be mostly English, but also German. Thus, you will be bilingual on a professional level once you have completed your studies.

Study abroad

The study program contains a one-year period of study abroad at the KEA Copenhagen School of Technology and Design ( You will share another one-year period of study at the Beuth together with KEA-students. The cooperation between KEA Copenhagen and Beuth Berlin will allow you to enjoy studying and living in two exciting European cities, to develop personal and intercultural skills and to establish an enduring network of personal contacts in two key hubs for digital business in the EU.

Out of forty-four students from Beuth, twenty-two students will spend their second and third semesters at KEA Copenhagen. They will then spend the remaining semesters of their study programme at their home university. A further twenty-two Beuth students will, on the other hand, study at Beuth during their second and third semesters, and then spend their fourth and fifth semesters abroad. Equally, twenty-two students from KEA Copenhagen will study at Beuth in their second and third semesters, and another twenty-two students will study at Beuth in their fourth and fifth semesters. In the sixth and seventh semesters, all students involved in the exchange programme will finish their studies at their home universities.

The Beuth-program "Digital Business and Information Systems" is interlinked with the KEA-program "Business Economics and IT" ( )

Practical relevance

The study program pays special attention to practical relevance and continuously updates course content to address contemporary challenges and introduce new developments in the digital economy. You will work together in groups on IT and business projects, which will involve discussing current management issues with key representatives of the IT industry. Finally, you will gain practical experience during at least one work placement with an employer in the field of digital business.

Our experienced instructors will teach you a broad range of problem-solving methods for management and IT. Typical aspects of your future professional practice - individual work, teamwork and agile project management - form an integral part of the curriculum.

Degree and Duration of Study

Course graduates will earn a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). The study program comprises seven semesters (210 ECTS).

Admission Requirements

  1. Formal qualification for university entrance according to Berliner Hochschulgesetz
  2. Proof of language proficiency: English (GER: B2) and German (GER: C1)