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Prof. Dr. Stefan Edlich

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Best Olympic Distance: 2:16:46 
[Neuruppin 17.7.2000]

* Ironman Kulmbach 1999
* Ironman Roth 2000
* > 30 Olympic Distances
* > 14 Marathons


FIDE & Lichess Ratings

Some of my Games in PGN Format:

* GM M.Muse - S.Edlich
* GM N.Davies - S.Edlich
* GM A.Adorjan -S.Edlich
* GM R.Hübner - S.Edlich
* IM M.Richter - S.Edlich
* IM R. Svane - S.Edlich
* GM A. Braun - S.Edlich
* GM A.Donchenko - S.Edlich
* FIM J.Heinemann - S.Edlich

1984-1994 Schach Club Zehlendorf

Member of Emanuel Lasker Gesellschaft

Chess Trainer for the Club Königsjäger Süd-West

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Short CV

Stefan Edlich holds two diplomas (Computer Science and Economics) and is Prof. Dr. / Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. He is the author of 12 books including the worlds first NoSQL books. Stefan was a frequent speaker at various IT conferences (JAX, OOP, Frankfurter Datenbanktage (Keynote), NoSQL Roadshow, CRAFT, GOTO, etc.) and helps to organise many conferences mostly around databases, big data and the Clojure language (ICOODB, Distributed-Matters / NoSQL-Matters, GOTO, Euroclojure, :clojureD etc.). Furthermore, he runs the #1 NoSQL Archive and the huge Big Data Group in Berlin. Since 2014 he is a member of BBDC, the national competence centre for Big Data and a founding member of the Data Science Lab at Beuth HS.

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