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Prof. Dr. Stefan Edlich

6 Conferences

Let me introduce you to some conferences I either started, I am organizing or where I am in the program commitee / organizing team.


:clojureD started as Euroclojure in Berlin and then split to be Germanys biggest Clojure conference since 2013. Find the current conference here.

GOTO Berlin

Programm Committee in 2013, 2014, 2017

NoSQL Matters / Distibuted Matters

2012 Cologne, 2012 Barcelona, 2013 Cologne, 2013 Barcelona and subsequently 2014 and 2015 including Ireland.


In 2008 I set up the first International Conference on Object Databases held in Berlin. 2009 it ran successfully at ETH Zürich. The ICOODB Steering Committe was founded 2009 and is proud to continue this serires in the next years all over the world.

Overall ICOODB information: link

  • ICOODB 2008 Berlin link
  • ICOODB 2009 ETH-Zürich link
  • ICOODB 2010 Frankfurt link


In November the first Database Conference for Database professionals will be held in Munich: link

More information will come soon.

Electronic Imaging

In the last years I worked in the program committee of the Eletronic Imaging Conference of the SPIE Society held in Silicon Valley. The respective subconference is named Multimedia on Mobile Devices.


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