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Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grömping

R-Software for Design of Experiments

  • A CRAN Task view shows R's abilities in this field.
  • A project on Design of Experiments in R (with focus on industrial experimentation) is currently under way.
    It strives to implement competitive facilities for (Industrial) Design of Experiments in R by a suite of four R packages. The project was presented at UseR! 2009 in Rennes. Please feel free to contact me with thoughts and suggestions. Offers for help (cf. last slide of Rennes presentation) are particularly welcome! 

The project elements are the R-packages

*: number of downloads from R-Studio servers last month, as obtained from package cranlogs


  • Because of a very substantial change to Rcmdr, package RcmdrPlugin.DoE did not work with version 1.9-3 of Rcmdr. The latest version 1.9-4 has solved the problem.
  • If you are not on the latest R version, automatic installs may install an old version without warning! Look here for how to avoid this. 
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