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Download of the non-US version of R-package relaimpo

By downloading the package from this website, you confirm that you are a non-US user in the sense of GPL paragraph 8 (cf. Legalese), or have checked that the patents mentioned in Legalese have lapsed / expired:
If you are not entitled to download this package due to the geographical restriction, you can download a reduced version of relaimpo (without pmvd, otherwise unchanged) on CRAN at

If you install the package for the first time, it is recommended to first install package relaimpo from CRAN. This way, all packages on which relaimpo depends are automatically installed. Afterwards, you can install the non-US version and start working.

Package binaries (please select appropriate version of R;
I have stopped updating Windows builds for old R releases; version 2.2 contains two additional metrics (genizi and car) over and above versions 2.1 and 2.1-4); version 2.2-2 adapts to R 3.0.0 and higher (almost no functional changes)


Windows binaries

R 2.2.1 (built under 2.2.1)

R 2.3.0 and R 2.3.1 (built under 2.3.1,
should also work under 2.3.0)

R 2.4.0 up to 2.9.x (built under 2.9.1)

R 2.10.0 to 2.15.x (built under 2.11.0)

R 3.0.0 and higher (built under 3.1.0 Devel)


Package sources: relaimpo_2.2-2.tar.gz; relaimpo_2.2.tar.gz (older R versions, in case the newer file does not work); fileadmin/user/groemping/downloads/relaimpo_2.2-2.tar.gz

Package manual: relaimpo.pdf (manual from CRAN, please disregard licensing information, this is the non-US-Version with pmvd)

Package change log

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