Teaching Week

We are using p5.js, a javascript framework for creative coding. The framework can be used offline with any text editor of your choice, but there is also an online editor, which we will use for presentation and exercises. Documentation for the framework can be found in the p5.js reference.

There will be two exercises for you to practice on:

1) the coordinates exercise

In the first exercise we will take a look at the general structure of a p5.js sketch and study methods for drawing geometric primitives. This exercise is taken straigth from a p5.js example.

2) the recursive tree exercise

In the second exercise we will advance our understanding of p5.js with coordinate system transformations, animations and randomness. The example used for this exercise was developed by D. Shiffman as part of the "Coding Train" series.

For more examples on the topic have a look at The Nature of Code book, which you can read online.