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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Konert

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Johannes Konert


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Konert

Fachgebiet Web Engineering am Fachbereich VI (Informatik und Medien)

Anschrift: FB VI, Luxemburger Straße 10, 13353 Berlin
Raum: Haus Gauß, B218
Tel.: +49 (0)30 4504-5219
Fax: +49 (0)30 4504-2013

Email: johannes.konert@beuth-..

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Lehre und Forschung

Die von mir angebotenen Lehrveranstaltungen (siehe LMS Moodle) und meine Forschung umfassen Web Technologien, Engineering Methoden und Vorgehensmodelle zur Erstellung moderner Web Anwendungen (u.A. E-Learning). Ein wesentliches Forschungsziel ist die Unterstützung von selbst-reguliertem Lernen mit Social Media.

Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Gerne betreue ich Ihre Abschlussarbeit im Forschungsfeld Web Engineering. Ich schätze es sehr, wenn Sie bereits einen eigenes Thema haben, es muss jedoch zu meiner Expertise passen und eine wissenschaftliche Fragestellung bearbeiten. Wenn sie sich nun fragen "Was könnte so ein passendes Thema sein?" gibt es Anregungen aus Forschungsprojekten oder von wissenschaftlichen Konferenzen, die ich Ihnen erläutern kann. Einige aktuelle Themen, die ich ausgeschrieben habe, finden Sie auf der Unterseite Thesis Topics.
Lesen Sie erst die Hinweise zu guten/schlechten Themen bevor Sie mir eine Nachricht mit Ihrem Themenwunsch senden.





News about research results and related content on the web can be found on Google+, in my blog on Social Media and E-Learning, and briefly on Twitter.

eTeaching Award!

23.11.2016 We won the eTeaching Award 2016 for our tool MoodlePeers!

In the last years I created together with colleagues from pedagogical psychology, math didactics and university administration a handy plugin for Moodle to support learning group formation in courses. We found evidence that these groups are more satisfied and produce better results.

Now, TU Darmstadt university awarded our efforts with the eTeaching Award 2016. I gratefully thank the jury for the price and all team members for the productive research work. Let's hope, the groupformation plugin will be soon available at Beuth HS, too. See Blog report about the award, repository or the Moodle-Plugin page for details.


Beste Abschlussarbeit gesucht

20.11.2016 Best Student Thesis in "E-Learning" will be awarded. Nominations wanted!

As the representative for support of young scientists within E-Learning group of Gesellschaft für Informatik e.v. I am glad to anounce our next round of awarding the best student thesis "E-Learning". If you have written such a thesis let your supervisor know. If you have supervised one, please consider submission to the price.

Deadline is 01. December 2016 for all thesis handed in between 1.12.2015 and 30.11.2016.
Details to be found here:


09.09.2016 Two books on Entertainment Computing and Serious Games are finally finished.

Writing books with many authors together is a tough journey. But the result was worth all efforts. A great book focussing on Serious Games creation, runtime control and evaluation is now available. I contributed on Multiplayer Serious Games. See Springer or Amazon.

Even better, the book we wrote as a group of more than 20 research experts about Entertainment Computing ans Serious Games. Based on our one week seminar at Dagstuhl the result is a perfect cover-up book with all relevant infos needed to start research in the field, e.g. a Ph.D. Will be out in October. See Springer or Amazon.


01.06.2016 Publications about MoodlePeers plugin for learning group formation accepted at DeLFI and EC-TEL conferences

The beginning of the year was contributed to analyze collected data and write the publications about our new findings on learning group formation. We found significant effects to better learning coutomes, better satifsfaction of students and lower drop-out-rates in a math course, if learning groups are formed using GroupAL and proper psychological metrics (e.g. personality traits). Papers were accepted for conference publication in September.

Interested in the Moodle plugin? See MoodlePeers Repository.

24.02.2016 OpenBadges will be able to link to competencies from European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

As a fresh member of the EU Erasmus+ project OpenBadgeNetwork I am currently working on a technical connection of OpenBadges to formal represenations of competencies, e.g. the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

02.09.2015 Interest Group E-Learning elects me as commissary member for young researcher support

At DeLFI in Munic the executive committee of SIG E-Learning (3.9.) appointed me to the position as supportive member of the commitee for young researchers.Thanks to the commitee for this trust. Currently we are in the process of organizing the research exchange forum for young researchers (JFMH) in the field of media and teaching at universities to be held in summer 2016 in Darmstadt.

26.08.2015 Our workshop for "quality assessment of videos in education" is online

At GMW/DeLFI next week (3.9.) we offer together with media paedagogics, math didactics and sport science experts the workshop to answer the question: "What makes a good video for learning?".

Update (01.01.2016): Participants had the oportunity to use the currently developed tool to asses three videos provided by us and  contributed their recommendations for further improvement. The current online version now improved based on this. Test it (German only)

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