Since October 2014 Tobias Klatt has been studying Media Infomatics at Beuth University of Technology. He works for Rudolf Schneider at Datexis as a student assistant. He previously worked as a tutor at Beuth University for the programming language Java and supported other students in understanding OOP and programming. 
Before attending University he spent a year abroad in New Zealand working a wide variety of jobs, ranging from a farm worker to a manufacturer at GNS Science, where he helped build an electron accelerator. 
In his spare time Tobias practises Wing Tai (Martial Art), travels whenever possible, and passionately pursues aquatic sports such as surfing.



  • R. Schneider, T. Oberhauser, T. Klatt, F. A. Gers, and A. Löser, “Analysing Errors of Open Information Extraction Systems,” BLGNLP 2017 Building Linguistically Generalizable NLP Systems at EMNLP 2017
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