Designing a Collaborative Learning Hub for Virtual Mobility Skills

erstellt von Johannes Konert |

At HCI International Conference 2018 (15.-20. July 2018, Las Vegas, USA) you get insights from the European Project "Open Virtual Mobility"


Higher education faces high requirements and challenges in today's global world, including internationalisation as a response to globalisation. Our accepted full-paper introduces the concept and the architecture of VM Learning Hub – a Collaborative and Personal Learning Environment with embedded technologies for innovative forms of skill attainment (open education, gamification), skill assessment (test-based and evidence-based e-assessment), skill recognition (open credentials, linked data) and collaboration (based on algorithm-based matching of learning groups).

Looking forward to intensive discussion at the conference. In case you cannot attend, get in touch with us via E-Mail. We are already looking for interested lecturers to conduct virtual mobility courses in 2019/2020 with our support.


The paper is based on the joint work and research conducted by partner organisations in the Erasmus+ Project Open Virtual Mobility,  KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, KA203 - Strategic Partnerships for higher education, (partially) founded by the European Union, Project Number 2017-1-DE01-KA203-003494.


The creation of these resources has been (partially) funded by the ERASMUS+ grant program of the European Union under grant no. 2017-1-DE01-KA203-003494. Neither the European Commission nor the project's national funding agency DAAD are responsible for the content or liable for any losses or damage resulting of the use of these resources.

Link: HCI International Conference (Las Vegas, 15.-20.07 2018)