Guideline to read before requesting a topic


What is a good scientific topic for a thesis?

Before you start to propose any topic, please check your "idea" to pass the following considerations.

A typical structure of a thesis is:

Motivation/application scenario/problem/goal (you narrow down the context of your work)
State of the art / related work
(you show that you know a lot of the field and existing solutions)
The "gap" / your research question(s) (you analysed and identified that something is missing in all related work to solve the problem, "Can xy improve/impact abc?"...)
Proposed solution/model (your own innovative solution plan not naming any technology, lib, code)
Implementation (you define what parts of the model you implement, how, why)
Evaluation/Test/Proof (you show how good your solution is)

It can clearly be seen that the problem must be something to which no solution exists yet and that the technology used (e.g. jQuery, Java, JS, Angular, MongoDB, etc.) is ~not~ part of the title. Technology will be decided later when you come to the implementation (after 1-2 months).

Good topic examples (generic):

Bad topic examples (not accepted):

  • Implementation of a TODO-App using Meteor and React
  • "I want to code something for frontend using Angular"

If you need inspiration, look at my currently available topics.



You want me to supervise your thesis?

After checking the criteria above, send me an E-Mail with the following information:

  1. The proposed title of your thesis 
  2. The research question(s) you want to investigate (and answer)
  3. An abstract of about 1/2 page that summarizes your thesis assunming it would be finished already. Pay attention to the above mentioned parts of a typical thesis to be covered.

Looking forward to tackle interesting problems with you in your thesis!