Sebastian Arnold is a research assistant at DATEXIS at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and PhD student at Université de Fribourg. He graduated as MSc.-Inf. in computer science at Technische Universität Berlin by engaging an interactive classification of common search intentions. He is one of the main developers of the information extraction framework TeXoo, the factual search engine GoOLAP and the interactive TASTY (Tag-as-you-type) editor. Off-the-record, he enjoys manifold activities as musician, drummer and hardware hacker. Sebastian is currently working on adaptive methods for entity recognition and disambiguation, with a special focus on interactive learning methods for idiosyncratic document collections.

Research Interests

  • Data analysis and data mining
  • Text mining and information extraction
  • Distributional semantics
  • Deep learning / machine learning
  • Active learning


  • TASTY interactive entity linking "Tag-as-you-type"
  • GoOLAP factual search engine
  • Nerdle topic-expert question answering system
  • Senode interactive music sequencer



E-Mail: sarnold (at)

Twitter: @sebastianarnold

Sebastian Arnold, M.Sc. Profile